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  • Are the oils cruelty free?
    Absolutely! We do not test on animals.
  • What hair type is the scalp treatment oil for? is committed to formulating nourishing, scalp treatment oils, suitable for all hair types.
  • What are your bottles made of?
    Our bottles are made of amber glass and can be easily recycled.
  • What is the shelf life of your products?
    A maximum of two years, when stored in a dry place, in room temperature, and securely sealed In between applications.
  • Can children use scalp treatment oil?
    Absolutely all ingredients, are 100% Organic and can therefore be used on children. We advise to keep it out of children’s reach in order to prevent it from going in their mouth/eyes.
  • I am new to wigs which type should I go for?
    All our units are 360 lace wigs, and they come with pre plucked hairline, and bleached knots. They have lace, around the entire perimeter of the wig, allowing you to experiment with more hairstyles, such as a ponytail, or half up, half down. In the middle section, breathable machine wefts. All wigs, come with adjustable straps, and combs, for extra security, and are beginner friendly. Our unit are convenient and versatile enabling you to change your hairstyle as often as you want without ruining the ethics of your natural hair.
  • Does this treatment oil contain any sulfate or alcohol?
    All our products do not contain alcohol or parabens. The oils are sulfate free and they only contain 100% natural ingredients.
  • Where does the hair come from?
    Our hair is 100% Human hair from Asia. All our textures undergo a specialised steam process to achieve the wonderfully kinky/yaki textures of black hair.
  • How long will my wig last for?
    With proper care hair should last up to 2 years and more, however factors such as how often you wear your wig, and how you choose to look after your wig, contributes to your wigs lifespan. We advise, that if you wear wigs on a daily basis, to purchase more than one, so that you are able to alternate, which in the long run will save your wigs lifespan. Remember, be gentle always!
  • Can I sleep with my unit installed?
    Yes, you can, however in order to achieve the maximum life span of your hair we would advise not to do so, on a regular basis. when sleeping with your unit installed remember to never go to bed with it wet as doing so can cause tangling and matting. Braid hair into sections before bed or wrap with a silk scarf for extra protection.
  • How often should I wash my unit?
    Realistically, it depend on how often you wear your unit if you wearing it every day then you would experience more builder and then somebody who wears there's only on special occasions we advise that you only wash the hairline of your unit gently with shampoo should you experience any build-up for many products used car washing is highly recommended in order to prevent the hair from drying out and to get the maximum and to get its maximum lifespan.
  • Can I colour my unit?
    All our units come can be coloured however we advise that you use a professional colourist, in order to avoid over processing and to achieve it's maximum lifespan. We advise to regularly deep condition any units that have been coloured.
  • Do you accept exchanges or refunds?
    For the safety of all our customers and for hygiene reasons we do not allow refunds or exchanges, unless in the rare situation where a product may be damaged, or faulty. Please email if you have any questions regarding an exchange, or a refund.
  • I have a special occasion coming up can I rush my order?
    All our units, are made to order. Rushed orders will not be honoured, so please order your units in advance to avoid disappointment.
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