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My name is Hafsa Ashadu-Campbell, the founder of Hafsa’s Hair. I started experimenting with wigs from an early age, as I love being able to change up my look, as often as I please. I have always loved and embraced my natural hair, so much so, that when I change up my look, I always want the hair to represent me as a black woman. I believe that there is beauty in texture, and I have grown out of the idea that straight hair or looser curls are any better than Kinkier textures.  


A wig is a protective style, so protecting, and caring for your natural hair, is mandatory. We must not neglect our natural hair, as a result of wearing wigs regularly. I have been blessed to have healthy thick natural hair, practically all my life. However, after the birth of my son, I experienced postpartum shedding. Something I had never experienced with my first pregnancy. My hairline started to thin, and my scalp got dry and itchy, without having dandruff. I have never had an issue with my hair up until this point, so I went on and got a big chop, and began wearing wigs more frequently. Because of my busy schedule, wigs have always been my first option, when it comes to a protective hair style. My wigs mimic my natural hair and enable me to reduce the manipulation of my natural hair.  


Even though my hair was tucked away under a wig, I knew that I needed to give my scalp nourishment on a regular basis, to enhance lubrication of the shaft and help prevent breakage. Products on the market weighed down my hair, making it feel greasy and dirty even a couple of days after washing.  


I was yet to find a lightweight product I could use regularly to moisturise my scalp underneath my wigs. I got tired of constantly seeing chemicals in almost every product in the hair shop, and I realised the need to formulate a natural treatment oil that would grow back my thinning edges. A product to nurture my natural hair free from chemicals, and full of wonderful benefits for hair and scalp. Through extensive research, and with the help and knowledge from my mother, a qualified beauty therapist who has been making natural skincare products for over five years. These are the two things that encouraged me to launch my Brand. My hair is a huge part of my identity, and I am building an establishment that I have always wanted to be a part of. One that inspires confidence, and empowers women, to look and feel their best.


“I am building an exciting brand, that promotes black beauty, and encourages women to live their lives to their full potential; unapologetically.”

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